Camera & Composition Techniques in 3D Computer Graphics

The software for creating 3D computer graphics has increased tremendously in sophistication in the 20-plus years I’ve been playing with computer art. However, it is only over the past few years that software available at a price that the average person can afford has become available.

One of my favorites is DAZ Studio (which is free) with the Reality/Luxrender plugin. This combination makes the creation of near-photorealistic images possible. This is an example of a character study done for one of the key characters in a project I am working on.

The ability to use standard photographic techniques like depth of field, different lenses, and so on parallels a lot of the work I did over the years as a photographer.

A few months ago I did a webinar on “Mastering Cameras and Composition” for the DAZ Studio software. Here is the PDF of the slides from that webinar. A video recording of the full webinar is available from the DAZ Store.


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