Transmedia Project Design Questions: Topos

Topos is the setting of the world in a specific period and detailed geography (a futuristic technological world in science fiction, the middle ages with magical elements in fantasy, or a crime-ridden underworld in a detective/gangster story). These questions should be answered as you develop your storyworld.

  • Is the topos (setting of the world in a specific period and geography) easily understood? Does it provide the reader/viewer with an understanding of what can be expected in that world? (Storyworld Level Design Tasks)
  • Physical laws (Storyworld Level Design Tasks)
  • Physical setting (Storyworld Level Design Tasks)
    • What are the predominant geographic features? What is the ground like (i.e. rocky, sandy, etc.)?
    • What are the predominant built structures?
    • What materials are used for built structures?
    • What are the architectural characteristics of build structures (i.e. huts, high-rises, etc.)?
    • What is the climate like (i.e. dry, rainy, etc.)?
    • What kind of weather events are possible (i.e. tornados, droughts, blizzards, etc.)?
    • What does the atmosphere look like (i.e. clear, hazy, smoggy, foggy, etc.)?
    • What does the atmosphere smell like (i.e. clean, sweet, foul, polluted, etc.)?
    • What is the plant life like? What is the predominant type of vegetation? What kind of rare plants are there? Does any of the vegetation have any notable characteristics?
    • What are the animals like? Are they common or rare? How big are they? What do they look like? What do they eat? How do they behave (i.e. timid, aggressive, etc.)?
  • Social systems (Storyworld Level Design Tasks)
    • What is the basic social structure (i.e. clan, tribe, etc.)?
    • What are the prevailing social beliefs? Religious beliefs? Are there opposing beliefs? If so, what are they?
    • What are the most popular forms of entertainment? Sports?
    • What celebrations, fairs, or festivals does the society have? When are they held?
    • What are the socioeconomic characteristics?
    • What are the ethnic/racial demographics?
    • What are the age demographics?
  • Technological systems (Storyworld Level Design Tasks)
    • How advanced are the technologies (i.e. primitive, industrial, high tech, etc.)?
    • What technologies are commonly used?
    • What technologies are considered state-of-the-art?
    • What kind of energy systems of used?
  • Economic systems (Storyworld Level Design Tasks)
  • Political systems (Storyworld Level Design Tasks)
    • What are the prevailing political beliefs?
    • Are there opposing beliefs? If so, what are they?
    • Are the political systems authoritarian, dictatorial, democratic, etc.?
  • Legal systems (Storyworld Level Design Tasks)
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