Event Horizon

Event Horizon

A blackness lurks at the center of my soul, unseen,
hidden in the swirling, turbulent currents of my life,
its inexorable pull drawing me into its orbit,
holding me until the ripples of some event,
unseen, unknown,
perturb the balance,
nudge me across the event horizon.
I spiral downward in the final plunge,
screams and curses ripped from me,
swallowed in the blackness,
unheard, unnoticed,
by entire soul bent, twisted,
distorted by incomprehensible forces,
shredded, shattered, scattered,
in a fury of destruction
until only elemental fragments remain,
colliding, combining, reforming,
in an instant or over an eternity,
in the crucible of creation.

– Peter von Stackelberg

This digital narrative is also posted on Cowbird.

Creative Approach

Event Horizon is based on an unpublished short story written by the author in 1996. The poem was written in November and December, 2003 and completed on Dec. 14, 2003.

The image was created over a four-day period in mid-April, 2004. This image contains several images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope and downloaded from the NASA website.

The red-orange-yellow disc around the black hole was created using Freehand (a program similar to Adobe Illustrator) to set up a series of concentric circles of various colors. The image was then imported into Photoshop, where the smudge tool was used to smear the lines and colors together.

The human figure was created using Poser 5 and imported into Photoshop for color manipulation and final composition.