I rage against a fate
that cast me into a wasteland
of sun-baked stone
and shifting sands,
a barren land
scoured by arid winds
that desiccate my soul.
I rage,
shout curses,
shake my fist,
refuse to see in the gathering storm
my imminent salvation.

– Peter von Stackelberg

This digital narrative is also posted on Cowbird.

Creative Approach

Rage is based on a ceramic figure created by the author in 2001. This figure raises his fist and shakes it at God, cursing blindly at the misfortunes of his life.

The image was created in April, 2004, with the final version being rendered April 24, 2004.

The poem was written over several days following the completion of the image.

Rage is a composite image created in Photoshop from two separate photographs of sand dunes and storm clouds. The three dimensional figure of the man was rendered using Poser 5, with final manipulation of the image being in Photoshop.

The lightning bolts in the distant storm were created using a Photoshop technique that involves subjecting a black-and-white gradient to rendering using the “Difference Cloud” filter. Additional manipulation of black and white levels and color saturation was used to achieve the final effect.

The dead tree in the background was hand drawn, scanned, and pasted into the image using Photoshop.