Privacy Policy

Information Collected

The only personal information we collect on this site is an e-mail address from individuals who want to:

  • Register on the site in order to follow the via e-mail and similar updates.
  • Comment on posts and pages on the site.
  • Download PDF, PowerPoint, and other types of files from the site.

Tracking and Logging Data

This site uses Google Analytics and similar web and social media tracking applications to determine the amount of traffic to individual posts and pages and to the site as a whole. None of this tracking information is gathered or used in a manner in which individual visitors to the site are identified.

Sharing of Information

Any information that we gather will be used solely for the purpose of gaining a better understanding of what our visitors are interested in so we can continue to improve our content. We will NOT use this information to pester you with e-mails; if you want information from this site, you have the choice on when and how you receive it. Any information gathered on this site will NOT be provided to third parties.