6. Social Media & Organizational Objectives


  • Identifying Organizational Objectives
  • Working with Clients
  • Separating Organizational Objectives from Other Wants, Needs & Desires
  • Identifying Overall Marketing Strategy
  • Integrating Social Media Strategies with Business Objectives

  • Hands-On Activity

    Team members will provide a brief (about 5 minutes) informal status report in class. This report should outline:

    •   results of initial meeting with project client
    •   issues and concerns
    •   next step for project team

    This will be followed by an in-class discussion. This in-class status report will be an opportunity for team members to learn from the experience of other teams.


    Assignment 6: Social Media & Organizational Objectives
    Due Date: See Google Calendar

    Search the web to find online information on social media and their linkage to business objectives.  Write 250 to 350 words that:

    • summarize the information you found (include at least one “blockquote” — but the blockquote doesn’t count towards the number of words you need to write)
    • state your thoughts about why understanding business objectives is important to a social media campaign

    Tweet your blog post (making sure to include a link to the blog post and the “#buad6303” hash tag.

    NOTE: The assignment below is a team assignment. All members of the team must participate in creating the assigned report.

    Team Assignment 1: Write & Submit Report from Client Meetings
    Due Date: Check Google Calendar

    Each team will compile a 2 to 3 page business style report listing the business objectives and a summary of the overall marketing strategy. This information will be used to help formulate the social media strategy.