5. Social Media Strategy Development Process

Topics (Week 5)

  • Social Media Strategy Development Process – Overview
  • Identify Organizational Objectives
  • Identify Overall Marketing Strategy
  • Develop Social Media Marketing/Communications Strategy
  • Create Social Media Marketing/Communications Campaign
  • Implement Social Media Marketing/Communications Campaign
  • Evaluate Social Media Marketing/Communications Campaign
  • Introduction to Team Projects
    • Purpose of Team Projects
    • Working in Teams
    • Client/Consultant Roles
  • Identifying Organizational Objectives
  • Identifying Overall Organizational Marketing Strategy

  • Hands-On Activity

    Meet in project teams. Objectives of the meeting are:

    • Determine how team members will communicate during the project
    • Begin to set norms of team behavior
    • Identify team member’s individual abilities and interests that can be applied to the project (e.g. who knows how to program in HTML, is an artist, etc.)
    • Identify possible time/date for initial meeting with the client

    Contact the projects client and schedule/attend an initial meeting during this week. Objectives of the meeting are:

    • Introduce team members to client
    • Present overview of project
    • Begin process of identifying client’s business objectives and overall market strategy


    Assignment 5: Facebook Obsolete?
    Due Date: See Google Calendar

    Find the Twitter feed “SocMediaProf” (Mr. von Stackelberg’s Twitter account for this class) and look for the tweet that says “Personal – but not too personal – photos on Facebook can help jobseekers”. Read the online article that it points to. After reading the article, write at least 250 words about the article on your WordPress blog addressing the following points:

    •  a summary that includes an introductory paragraph that you wrote, followed by a direct quote copied from the online article and included in your blog post.
    •  your opinion about the point the story makes about “personal – but not too personal”

    Your writing must be professional.