1. Introduction – Marketing & Communicating Through Social Media (BUAD 6303)

Topics (Week 1)

  • Introduction to Course (BUAD 6303)
  • Introduction to Social Media
    • Definition of Social Media
    • Traditional Mass Media vs. Social Media
    • Overview of Social Media Technologies
    • Online Media Landscape
  • Impact of Social Media


Read, make some notes, and be prepared to discuss these in class.


Assignment 1: Document Social Media Use
Due Date: Check Google Calendar

Find and document interesting uses of three different forms of social media. In your discussion of each example include a response to these questions:

  • Why does the example interest you?
  • What is the objective of the social media experience you selected?
  • How effective is the site/medium in meeting those objectives?
  • What re the shortcomings of the site/medium?

Submission Requirements: Write 250-350 words. Submit assignment as hard copy.