3. Social Media & Branding

Topics (Week 3)

  • Social Media & Branding
  • Definition of “Branding”
  • The Branding Process
  • Creating a Personal “Brand”
  • Application of Branding to Social Media
  • Setting Up Personal Social Media Channels

  • Reading/Viewing

    Read/view, make some notes, and be prepared to ask questions in class. We will spend some lab time on setting up your personal WordPress-based blog. Reading about WordPress’s features will give you some insights into what this blogging/content management system can do.

    Hands-On Activity

    During the week of Jan. 30 – Feb. 3 the impact of social media was illustrated with the controversy surrounding a decision by the Susan G. Kormen Foundation to discontinue funding for breast cancer screenings done by Planned Parenthood.

    To prepare of an in-class discussion of the impact of social media, please post the following:

    • A tweet on your Twitter account pointing to news coverage of the issue that clearly includes information about the role social media played in this controversy (NOTE: Use the hash tag “#buad6303” in your tweet so we can find it easily.)
    • A post on your Facebook page in which you discuss how social media impacted this issue, including a link to an example of the news coverage
    • A 250 word blog post on your new WordPress blog in which you discuss how the Kormen Foundation used or failed to use social media effectively

    You must ensure that your tweets and posts are available to Mr. von Stackelberg via the appropriate social media channels.


    Assignment 3: Create WordPress Blog
    Due Date: Check Google Calendar

    Set up an account on www.wordpress.com to create a blog. You will need to:

    • set a theme for the blog
    • select and add some widgets
    • become familiar with creating posts and other basic functions of WordPress

    Submission Requirements: E-mail the link to the home page of your WordPress blog to Mr. von Stackelberg.