2. Social Media & Marketing/Communications

Topics (Week 2)

  • Social Media In Marketing & Business Communications
  • Definition of Marketing
  • Definition of Communications & Public Relations
  • Role of Marketing, Communications & Public Relations in Business
  • Impact of Social Media on Marketing, Communications & Public Relations
  • Setting Up Personal Social Media Channels
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • Google+


    Read/view, make some notes, and be prepared to discuss these in class.

    NOTE: You will need to register with the McKinsey Quarterly site to access the complete articles. It is free.


    Assignment 2: Create Personal Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ Accounts
    Due Date: Check Google Calendar

    Create accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. If you already have one or more of these accounts, you can:

    • Retain your current account(s) and ensure that their content is appropriate for a professional audience
    • Create a new account(s) that you can use for classroom and professional purposes

    Submission Requirements: You must submit these assignments as follows:

    • Send a Facebook friend request to Mr. von Stackelberg
    • Follow Mr. von Stackelberg’s Twitter feed at “socmediaprof“.
    • Send a LinkedIn connect request to Mr. von Stackelberg.
    • Include Mr. von Stackelberg in a Google+ “circle” you’ve created specifically for this class.

    You should also seek out and connect with other members of this class.

    NOTE: You will have some computer lab time to complete this assignment. If you encounter a problem or have questions, ask for help during the computer lab.