Black and White Landscape Photography

I’ve loved black-and-white photographs for decades. In the hands (and eyes) of a master photographer, black-and-white can tell you a completely different story than the same image in color. However, as color became cheaper to print and with the demise of black-and-white film (except perhaps as specialty processing for professionals) sometime in the 1980s, black-and-white images have largely disappeared from mainstream use.

I followed that shift to color and have done almost all of my images in color for the last couple of decades.

With the rise of digital imaging (Photoshop, digital art printing, and so on), black-and-white has become much easier to do. Over the summer of 2016 I had a little time and a lot of curiosity about just what might be done with black-and-white landscapes. I was surprised and very pleased when I took some of my so-so color images and began working with blacks, grays, and whites. With Photoshop and a set of add-on filters, I was able to quickly and easily get results that I was very happy with.

Next up – film noir style black-and-white stills I’m doing to illustrate a novel that is in progress.

Meanwhile, enjoy this gallery of b&w landscapes.

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