Ontology: Events

Events are a change in the state of an entity such as a setting, character, or an element of the larger storyworld. The elements and properties of events are:

  • Internal: An internal event is a psychological change that occurs in a character, typically as a result of an interaction with another character or because of an external event.
  • External: An externalevent is a change that happens outside of a character in the story. External events can be:
    • Initiated – the result of the actions of a character in the story
    • Uninitiated – a change that is outside the control of characters in the story (e.g. a natural disaster or a man-made disaster caused by someone outside the scope of the story)
  • Temporal Dimension: Events have a temporal dimension; they have a start and end point and span a period of storyworld time.
  • Nested Events: Events can have nested events within them. For example, a specific battle would be an event nested within a war, which is a larger event.

Concept map of events and associated properties

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